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Let Holprop promote your Projects to Buyers and Investors alike

Selling your Development

Whether you are looking to sell off-plan homes, or have a mega project and want to sell units within a new development, Holprop understands that these type of sales need more than just a simple listing.

With over 20 years of experience in the International Real Estate Market, Holprop has both the expertise and the market share to become a top reseller of your project.

Work with a dedicated Holprop account manager and let us promote your New Development using our own resources.

Holprop has over 500,000 monthly users, plus further access to millions of buyers through our own distribution channels, providing fantastic exposure in 8 languages reaching a truly International audience.
The Power of Networking

We have a network of 500+ International Agents that are ready to promote your project to their own client-base, such as Re/Max, Sotheby's and Century21.

We work with these agents under our own contract to help promote your New Development to a wider audience.

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