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Brokers specializing in customer service and focused on carrying out real estate transactions safely for 39 years. The search for excellence is the way we find to grow in the real estate market, so we offer our customers a personalized service, which results in their safety and satisfaction. If you are looking for a smooth and safe negotiation, do business with us. We operate in the purchase, sale, lease, evaluation of real estate throughout Brazil. Security and credibility! Consult us: +55 71 99999 9910 whatsapp

173 For Sale Properties
Finca • 9.902 ha
$ 40,113,182 USD
200,000,000 BRL

    Exact Location Not Provided

Bujari, Brazil Brazil

Asking: R$ 200,000,000 BRL

  • Beautiful farm in Acre, Brazil, 9,902 hectares for cattle raising, complete

    Beautiful farm in Acre, Brazil, on the banks of the BR 364 highway, today it has approximately 12,500 head of cattle (mamote a cadu cote), 3 main houses, 20 masonry houses for employees, 120 tame mounted troop animals, 80 stable animals, 100 reservoirs. Machines and equipment: D7 crawler tractor in perfect working order 1 new Fiat d6 crawler tractor Ferguson 9242 master tractor layout Ferguson master tractor small layout and cab with air conditioning Ferguson master tractor small trace mf 65 x Valmet 128 tractor layout Valmet 1280 tractor layout Valmet 1280 tractor layout Valmet 78 simple tractor 15 tire tractors 10 trailed brush cutters Planters Graders Plow harrows Crushers Professional jet wash 1 corral in masonry and fenced with galvanized pipes, covered, sheds for harnesses and garages. 50 employees are part of the farm, which has an area with an employee village with water and three-phase energy. Closed door sa...More Details

  • Finca • 17.720,5 ha
    $ 778,977,388 USD
    4,200,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Cruz Machado, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 4,200,000,000 BRL

  • Pine wood forest in southern Brazil, 17,720.5 hectares

    Pine farm with triple aptitude on the border of PR and SC! Sale of the farm with the forest. Sale of part of the forest by tons, in this case pine R$ 200.00 ton (cutting and transportation for purchase) Released 100 million tons for purchase from 50 million upon visit and signing of the contract. The owner agrees to partner with the purchase. Fitness: There are 7,322.5 São Paulo bushels (17,720.5 hectares) being distributed as follows: 1) 3,500 bushels in São Paulo (8,470 hectares) of pine plantations aged between 1 and 40 years old. 90% Eliotes Pine 10% Taeda Pine 2) 60 São Paulo bushels (145.2 hectares) of Araucária planted at 40 years old, with approximately 180,000 trees. 3) 2,108 bushels of São Paulo (5,101.36 hectares) of native forest. 4) 1,932.5 bushels of São Paulo (4,676.65) hectares of faxinal pasture. Production in progress: Diameter: 14 cm to 18 cm = 300 bushels. Diameter: 19 cm to 24 cm = 500 bushels. Diame...More Details

  • Finca • 306.000 ha
    $ 83,668,691 USD
    429,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Pilao Arcado, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 429,000,000 BRL

  • Large farm in Bahia, 306,303 hectares on the banks of the São Francisco River

    Property in Bahia located in the municipality of Pilão Arcado with 306,303 hectares, it has 87 km of banks with the São Francisco River, it is 106 km from Petrolina International Airport, the region with the largest vegetable production in the country. It has pressure gauges for wind measurement, as it has a project for installing a Wind and Solar Park. Documentation 100% in order. Consult us....More Details

  • Commercial • 1.900 m2
    $ 2,833,633 USD
    15,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Belem, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 15,000,000 BRL

  • Port in the state of Pará, city Belém, 21,500 m² with 3 warehouses, main runway

    We are providing a port in Belém with 3 warehouses, which larger measuring 20 x 60 meters, dining room, bathrooms, artesian well, caretaker's house and office. Reinforced floor, as it was used for vehicle access heavy with material. Access to the water's edge without mud (filling was done at the area to the water's edge), the one tested in front of Guajará Bay is 50 meters, they are 40 meters in front of the Artur Bernardes Highway and 500 meters deep to the seashore with a draft between 6 and 7 meters deep, depending on the tide. As soon as the Dredging service is done, the Draft passes to 14 or 15 meters. Documents in order. Consult us....More Details

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    Hotel • 5.000 m2
    $ 5,375,166 USD
    26,800,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Ilhabela, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 26,800,000 BRL

  • Beautiful hotel facing the sea in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, 47 apartments

    We are offering for sale this beautiful hotel, facing the sea, in Ilhabella, state of São Paulo, Brazil, built on a plot of 15,000 m², with 5,000 m² of built area, consisting of 47 comfortable and modern apartments, distributed in 8 classifications as follows: Combined Luxury Premier Luxury VIP Suite Super Luxury Combined with Hot Tub Standard Ground Floor Superior Standard Lux Super Luxury With Hydromassage Consult us for a visit and more information...More Details

  • House • 600 m2
    $ 537,385 USD
    2,600,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Camacari, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,600,000 BRL

  • House in the Parque Interlagos Condominium, north coast of Bahia, Brazil, 4 suites, swimming pool.

    We offer for sale or rent a large house in Condomínio Parque Interlagos, Camaçari, Bahia. Consisting of 4 suites, east, built on a land of 1,000 m², has 600 m² of built area, as follows: Large living room in L shape, 3 rooms, veranda with bar, Bahia beige marble countertops, swimming pool with large deck, beautiful landscaping work and toilet. Pantry and large kitchen with cupboards, stainless steel countertops, 2 vats, support kitchen, 2 outbuildings, deposit, service area, kennel, underground tank capacity 15,000 liters, artesian well, garage for 4 vehicles. The suites (4) are spacious, all with wardrobes, one with a bathtub, split, luxury shower and cabinets in the bathrooms with granite and marble countertops. The predominant floor is Brenand ceramics. Distance from the beach 250 meters. NOTE: for sale we analyze as part of the payment a 3 bedroom apartment in Graça, Vitória, Barra or Canela. For lease we analyze term for se...More Details

  • House • 550 m2
    $ 1,446,949 USD
    7,300,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Barra-Grande, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 7,300,000 BRL

  • Beautiful house on the Maraú Peninsula, south coast of Bahia, Brazil, 7 suites furnished and equippe

    Beautiful property, located in a gated community, close to the center of Barra Grande de Camamu, on the Maraú Peninsula, Bahia, Brazil, the house offers, in addition to exclusivity and refinement, plenty of privacy. Designed on a 3,000 m² plot of land full of nature, comfort, sophistication and style, with 550 m² of built area, distributed in 7 spacious and exclusive suites, swimming pool, jacuzzi and a beautiful tropical garden. The master suite has a heated indoor pool in the bathroom, reminiscent of hotels in Bali, famous for their comfort and exclusivity. NOTE: All rooms are furnished, with Queen beds and air conditioning, sophisticated furniture. Consult us....More Details

  • Land • 700.000 m2
    $ 2,807,922 USD
    14,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Barra-Do-Itariri, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 14,000,000 BRL

  • Large areas on the coast of Bahia, facing the sea, for various projects

    We have large areas on the coast of Bahia for various projects: hotels, resorts, condominiums, country houses, water parks and others. 3 areas in Itariri, north coast of Bahia, sea front. Area 1 - 5,960,000 m² with 1,400 meters of beachfront. Area 2 – 700,000 m² with 900 meters of beachfront. Area 3 – 130,000 m² with 210 meters of beachfront 3 areas in Costa Azul, north coast of Bahia. 300,000 m² with 250 meters of beachfront 380,000 m² with 200 meters of beachfront 1,770,000 m² with 733 meters of beachfront Comandatuba Island, south of Bahia, next to the Hotel Internacional Transaméria. 480,000 m² facing the Atlantic Ocean, at the bottom facing the Comandatuba channel. Belmonte, southern region of Bahia, neighboring Porto Seguro. 3,800,000 m². Arembepe, northern coast of Bahia. 280,000 m² We have smaller areas. Consult us...More Details

  • House • 304 m2
    $ 631,782 USD
    3,150,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Praia-Do-Forte, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 3,150,000 BRL

  • Beautiful newly built house in Condomínio Iberostar, Praia do Forte, coast of Bahia, Brazil.

    We offer for sale this beautiful newly built house in Condomínio Iberostar, Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil. It is located within the Iberostar Praia do Forte hotel complex, on the seafront and surrounded by attractions for all ages. The support of the 5-star resort makes the condominium even more special. There are 5 suites in the Villas Condominium, next to the Golf Club House, consisting of 2 floors, built on a 603 m² plot, with 335 m² of built area. There are 5 suites, one on the ground floor, living and dining room, kitchen, balcony, gourmet space, internal and external toilet, shallow and deep pool, deck, storage room, 2 free parking spaces, laundry area and complete dependence. NOTE: NO FURNISHINGS. Call, schedule your visit, you will fall in love....More Details

  • House • 480 m2
    $ 1,107,353 USD
    5,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Praia-Do-Forte, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 5,500,000 BRL

  • Beautiful house in Guarajuba condominium, coast of Bahia, Brazil, 7 bedrooms, furnished and equipped

    House for sale in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil, in a condominium by the sea. Beautiful house in a condominium with access to the sea, completely east, built on a plot of 700 m², with 480 m² of built area, with a pool area facing the west side, with a large green area, consisting of 7 suites, including 01 suite for a secretary , finely furnished, decorated and equipped with very high standard furniture, 04 parking spaces, swimming pool with hydromassage and waterfall, toilet and pool storage. Ground floor: 2 social suites, one suite for a desk, gourmet space with barbecue and beer maker, living room with two rooms, open-plan kitchen with island, pantry, toilet, laundry area, storage room. Upper floor: 5 social suites, including a master suite SUITE 1 (Ground floor) (Comprising a double bed, a single bed, nightstand, closets, 32-inch LED TV and split air conditioning.) SUITE 2 (desk) (Comprising a double bed, nightstand, closets...More Details

  • House • 720 m2
    $ 906,016 USD
    4,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Busca-Vida, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 4,500,000 BRL

  • Beautiful house in Busca Vida, north coast of Bahia, Brazil, 5 bedrooms, 50 meters from the beach

    Beautiful house for sale Busca Vida, Camaçari, Bahia, condominium by the sea with just 6 lots. There are 5 bedrooms, 4 suites, 2 floors, 700 m² of built area on a 1,780 m² plot, office, closets, living rooms, large balconies, closets, equipped kitchen, pantry, complete quarters for employees, pantry, caretaker's house, garage for several vehicles. All rooms are quite spacious. Leisure: swimming pool with deck, shower and toilets, gourmet space, barbecue, sauna, gardens, 50 meters from the beach. Call, schedule a visit, you will fall in love....More Details

  • Land • 845,39 m2
    $ 493,275 USD
    2,450,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Guarajuba, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,450,000 BRL

  • Land in Guarajuba, north coast of Bahia, Brazil, 845.39 m² in Condomínio Alphaville

    We offer for sale this spectacular plot of land, close to the beach with 845.32 m² in Condomínio Alphaville Guarajuba, north coast of Bahia, ready to build. Consult us....More Details

  • Land • 700 m2
    $ 493,275 USD
    2,450,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Praia-Do-Forte, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,450,000 BRL

  • Land in Praia do Forte, coast of Bahia, Brazil, 700 m² Condominium Praia do Castelo, plan

    Land in Praia do Forte, coast of Bahia, Brazil, 700 m² Condominium Praia do Castelo, plan. We offer for sale an excellent plot of land measuring 700 m² in Praia do Forte, an international point, on the north coast of Bahia, Brazil, completely flat, ready to build, in the Praia do Castelo Condominium. Consult us....More Details

  • House • 1.008 m2
    $ 3,911,036 USD
    19,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Praia-Do-Forte, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 19,500,000 BRL

  • Mansion in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil, 8 suites facing the sea

    Mansion in Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil, 8 suites facing the sea Modern, newly built house by the sea in Praia do Forte, 8 spacious suites and a complete infrastructure, this residence offers maximum comfort and elegance. Enjoy views stunning and panoramic views of the sea, coconut groves and countryside golf at the IBEROSTAR Praia do Forte condominium. With more than 800 m2 of built area, including an exclusive rooftop, every detail of this house was carefully designed and finely decorated to provide an experience of exceptional comfort, making it a true luxury refuge. ✔ Number of suites: 08 suites ✔ Dependency quantity: 01 ✔ Total Land Area: 1008 m2 ✔ Total Built Area: 800 m2 ✔ Garage with: 06 spaces ✔ Leisure Area: Swimming pool with hydro, sauna, large balcony with space gourmet and snooker, home, dining room, intimate room, rooftop with space gourmet, and 3 social bathrooms. PROPERTY INFRASTRUCTURE ✔ Ground flo...More Details

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    Hotel • 2.500 m2
    $ 5,838,768 USD
    29,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Palhoca, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 29,000,000 BRL

  • Island on the coast of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with Resort and Inn

    OPPORTUNITY ! We offer for sale this beautiful Oceanic Island with a total area of 142,000 m with Resort & Inn, 23 cabins, located on the coast of the municipality of Palho a, Santa Catarina. The resort & guesthouse has approximately 2,500 m2 of built area, and is approximately 1,000 meters from the mainland. ENVIRONMENTS AND EQUIPMENT OF THE RESORT & INN: - House of the inn, with reception, living and games room, home theater, gym, Spa, Humid Sauna and Underground Cellar; - Service house, with workshop, laundry and accommodation for 12 employees accommodation for sailors and pilots; - Mooring pier for any size vessel. - Heliport approved by ANAC. - Trails around the island 2.6 kilometers long, - Light and drinking water; - Swimming pool with large deck. - Restaurant and panoramic bar, with international cuisine and industrial cuisine. - Recreation area with snooker, reading room, massage room. - Boat transfer from Pon...More Details

  • Hotel • 50 60 • 1.246 m2
    $ 7,957,440 USD
    38,500,000 BRL

    Armacao-Dos-Buzios, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 38,500,000 BRL

  • pool Swimming Pool
    ac Air Conditioning

    Hotel Resort in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 19 apartments

    Luxurious hotel in Búzios, 19 suites (5 with hydromassage bath) all with sea view, comfortably distributed in land of 9,145 m², with 1,246 m² of built area with sea view. Possibility of expansion, there is a project already approved by the city hall since 2001 that only needs the renewal of the license. The rooms have the following sizes: 7 Suites with approx. 21m² 4 Suites with approx. 30m² 3 Suites with approx. 33m² 2 suites with approx. 51m² (with whirlpool for 2 people) 3 Suites with approx. 62m² (1 with hydromassage for 2 people and 2 suites with hydromassage for 5 people) There are presidential suites, VIP "Master" suites (Super Luxury), luxury suites, standers suites, SPA with 2 massage rooms, steam sauna and 2 bathrooms. Pool area with a large pool, a small one and a whirlpool and bar. Own private parking; underground garage; wide and comfortable reception all in white marble; Pub; international cuisine; rest...More Details

  • Land • 6.361 m2
    $ 2,318,956 USD
    11,450,000 BRL

    Lauro de Freitas, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 11,450,000 BRL

  • Plot of Land in the city of Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil, serves for various activities. 6,361 m²

    Translated: Excellent land in Lauro de Freitas, next to Parque Shopping Bahia, flat, 6,361 m2, 4 kilometers from the International airport. The land can be used for various segments, commercial and residential. Region with high population density and with a very active commercial activity. BRL 11,450,000.00 - 08/02/22 Total Area: 6,361m2 Detailed location Rua Maria Isabel dos Santos. Neighborhood: Ipitanga City: Lauro de Freitas - BA;,...More Details

  • Finca • 783,6 ha
    $ 5,614,449 USD
    27,789,543 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Itacoatiara, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 27,789,543 BRL

  • Farm in Amazonas. 783,6 hectares, spectacular main house, best in the region

    Best farm in the region. Spectacular main house with 6 bedrooms, 5 of which are suites, wooden doors and wardrobes, 3 living rooms, bathrooms with cupboards and blindex, granite countertops and floors, split bedrooms in the suites, balconies, bar, office, all rooms are very spacious . In addition to the spectacular main house, it has a beautiful lake, cemented shed to store machines, vehicles and equipment, scales, trunk, artesian well, corral for 3,000 animals. BA 010 cuts through the 783,6 hectare property, which has 400 open hectares, good soil for soybean cultivation, georeferenced, definitive title, documented ok. Itacoatiara is a Brazilian municipality located in the Metropolitan Region of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas. It is the second most populous city in the state, with 103,598 inhabitants, according to the 2022 census by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Machines, vehicles, equipment and lives...More Details

  • Hotel • 5.000 m2
    $ 1,105,689 USD
    5,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Natal, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 5,500,000 BRL

  • Hotel Urban Resort in Natal, Brazil, 38 complete apartments, close to Praia da Pipa

    The new hotel, opened in April 2023, brings the innovative Urban Resort concept and the location couldn't be more special, a corner in the middle of nature close to Praia de Pipa, one of the most beautiful in Brazil, Praia do Amor, Praia Baía dos Golfinhos and many others, as well as lots of gastronomy and excitement in the surroundings. It offers a complete leisure and food infrastructure, offering a unique infrastructure in the region, including: • 38 complete accommodations, with minibar, TV, air conditioning, bathroom, bed linen, towels and lots of comfort. Choose between an exclusive chalet among the trees or the hustle and bustle of a pool-front apartment and enjoy your trip your way; • Large swimming pool in the center of everything, where the daily fun happens; • 2 jacuzzis inside a second pool in an air-conditioned environment with a wet bar; • Space for massages, relaxation and sauna; • Club with more than 400 m² wit...More Details

  • Finca • 32.960 ha
    $ 548,282,354 USD
    2,700,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Balsas, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,700,000,000 BRL

  • Excellent farm producing rice, corn and soybeans, state of Maranhão, Brazil

    Farm with Dual Aptitude Total Area – 32,930 hectares Open Area – 12,000 hectares Livestock Area – 4,000 hectares legal reserve and APP 35% Cultivation of rice, corn and soybeans. Flat topography with little undulation Clay 35% to 40% Rainfall -1,800 to 2,200 mm/year. Improvements: 02 warehouses – 500 thousand bags 02 lung silos – 5,000 sscas each 02 hoppers – 2,000 bags each 01 dryer – 40 tons 02 pre-cleaning – 40 tons 02 silos – 2,000 bags 01 gravity table; 01 UBS 01 hopper 1,000 bags 01 cafeteria 400 m² 01 accommodation for 50 employees; 06 houses 01 main house – 450 m² (swimming pool, orchard, fine finishing) 01 artesian well Scale –80 tons landing strip High voltage electrical energy. Documentation: CAR, GEO, CCIR, etc. suitable for transfer. Consult us....More Details

  • House • 785 m2
    $ 1,214,696 USD
    6,012,320 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Camacari, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 6,012,320 BRL

  • House in Condomínio Busca Vida, coast of Bahia, Brazil, 4 suites facing the sea

    House for sale Condominium Busca Vida Bahia, Camaçari! Built on a plot of 12,649 m², with 785 m² of built area, facing the sea. The property has a total of 5 buildings, the main one being 4 suites, balcony, pool, house, kiosk, old buildings, very well structured, in need of renovation. Busca Vida paradise is located 6 km from Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International Airport, it is a privileged strip of almost untouched beach, the paradise is bathed on its right bank by the Joanes River which borders the municipality of Lauro de Freitas. Busca Vida is definitely a paradise. Formed by small condominiums that are committed to preserving the fauna, flora and all biodiversity formed by the mangrove. Busca Vida has an entire internal organization focused on environmental preservation....More Details

  • Finca • 130.800 ha
    $ 548,282,354 USD
    2,700,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Itapetininga, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,700,000,000 BRL

  • Great Timber Forest in São Paulo, Brazil

    We are offering for sale a large area of Pinus and Eucalyptus wood forest in the state of São Paulo. There are 130,800 hectares of wood between 12 and 45 years old. Owner sells for well below market value. Consult us, without speculation....More Details

  • Apartment • Studio • 62 m2
    $ 127,451 USD
    620,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Salvador, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 620,000 BRL

  • Excellent apartment facing the sea, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, furnished

    Apartment with bedroom and living room (suite) 62 m², furnished and decorated, sea front with spectacular views, in Jardim Armação, bathroom, toilet, living and dining room, gourmet balcony with closed reiki, kitchen equipped with good cabinets. It has a 43 smart TV, Wi-Fi, custom furniture in all rooms, tables, chairs, benches and stools, Queen Size box bed, sofa / table, digital safe, refrigerator, microwave, stove, washing machine, kitchen utensils and others. The condominium has an excellent infrastructure such as: Adult and children's swimming pool with lap lane, wet deck, children's playground, chill out (solar terrace with hot tub), fitness center, party room, gourmet balcony, gourmet space with terrace, restaurant, auditorium for approximately 60 people, wireless internet, parking, and large garden. It offers pay-per-use services (laundry, supermarket delivery and restaurant delivery). NOTE: the property is in perfect con...More Details

  • Finca • 111.320 ha
    $ 271,265,741 USD
    1,335,840,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Itaituba, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 1,335,840,000 BRL

  • Excellent farm in southern Pará, Brazil, 111,320 hectares, Carbon Credit

    FARM IN SOUTH PARÁ! Total area: 111,320 hectares Open only 7% Agricultural area with approximately 5,000 hectares Livestock area with approximately 5,000 hectares Remaining area with legal reserve in closed forest Authorized management projects. Investments made on the farm: Landing strip Main house Village of houses for employees with houses for managers and supervisors with a complete structure of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, all furnished. Pen for sheep and kids with complete structure, divisions, troughs. All in acapu and ipê. Very well done, first class. Retreats with houses for employees: cowboy houses with complete structure located on the plateau with bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms with running water, electricity through the farm's own internal energy network. 4 complete first-class corral modules with hardwood, posts all made of acapu and with zinc protection on all posts, very well assembl...More Details

  • Finca • 4.185 ha
    $ 60,748,470 USD
    300,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Itamaraju, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 300,000,000 BRL

  • Excellent coffee and cattle farm in Southern Bahia, Brazil

    Coffee farm in the municipality of Itamaraju, Southern Region of Bahia, Brazil, dual capacity with 4,185 hectares, all tractorable and with access prepared for vehicles and machinery, for mechanization of the entire property. It has an area of approximately 1,800 ha with 4 million coffee trees. 1,000 hectares of pastures with appropriate pasture divisions. 100 hectares of eucalyptus to supply grain dryers. 196 hectares for various uses and applications. 1,090 hectares of reserve. 20% of the registered legal reserve area and fenced permanent preservation areas. TOPOGRAPHY: Flat. VEGETATION: Cerrado Biome. CLIMATE CONDITIONS: Tropical climate with a hot and humid season that covers the months of October to March and a dry season from April to September. RAINFALL INDEX: 146.95 mm/year. HYDROGRAPHIC RESOURCES: Springs, dam, artesian well, 05 water reservoirs for irrigation. IMPROVEMENTS: Excellent main house with leisure area with sw...More Details

  • Land • 2034 m2
    $ 810,116 USD
    4,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Salvador, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 4,000,000 BRL

  • Translated: Reference Code: T-152 Commercial land on Rua Djalma Dutra, near Sete Portas, 2,034 m2, ideal for buildings, stores, shopping, market and others. Payment Method: We analyze proposal. IM associated brokers Floor area: 2034m2 Detailed Location Consult us! Neighborhood: Matatu City: Salvador - BA Detailed Location Consult us! Neighborhood: Matatu City: Salvador - BA;,...More Details

  • Land • 4.500 m2
    $ 507,878 USD
    2,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Camacari, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 2,500,000 BRL

  • Condominium land, 4,500 m² on the seafront, on the north coast of Bahia, Brazil

    Land in the Busca Vida Camaçari condominium, the paradise of Estrada do Côco, on the north coast of Bahia. Build your dream home on a 4,500 m² plot of land by the sea, 8 km from Luiz Eduardo Magalhães International Airport. Lagoon, coconut trees, blue-green sea, golden sand and lots of privacy. Busca Vida is like this: total calm for those who like to enjoy the beach in more peace and quiet. Located on the north coast of Bahia, in the municipality of Camaçari, very close to Salvador, Busca Vida has nine kilometers of open sea beach framed by beautiful coconut trees....More Details

  • House • 389 m2
    $ 649,390 USD
    3,200,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Porto Seguro, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 3,200,000 BRL

  • House for sale Porto Seguro Bahia Brasil, 4 suites, swimming pool, on the coast

    Casa venda Porto Seguro Bahia Condomínio Residencial Outeiro da Glória Taperapuã ! Casa Sol da Manhã, edificada em terreno de 525,00 m², tendo 389,07 m² de área construída, praia de Taparepuã, alto padrão com sol da manhã, sala de estar/jantar, cozinha, garagem, pé direito alto, 02 banheiros, 01 quarto e 04 suítes com varanda (Sendo 01 suíte comum, 02 suítes com closet e 01 suíte máster com hidromassagem e closet), área gourmet com churrasqueira, piscina e deck. Pavimento térreo: Hall de entrada, área de circulação, vaga de garagem, sala de estar e jantar, 2 banheiros, 1 quarto, cozinha, pé direito alto, área gourmet, deck, piscina e área de serviço. Ligue, agende sua visita, você vai se apaixonar....More Details

  • Land • 684.740 m2
    $ 992,096 USD
    4,800,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Jandaira, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 4,800,000 BRL

  • Spectacular land facing the sea, 684,740 m² on the coast of Bahia, Brazil, Blue Coast beach

    OPPORTUNITY ! The land of 684,740 m² is located by the sea, has 1,404 meters of beautiful and deserted beaches, clean waters and an average temperature of 26 degrees. Ideal for tourist developments, hotels, inns, resorts, condominiums, country houses, water parks and much more. Access this link and learn more about the beach and the region:...More Details

  • House • 1.065 m2
    $ 2,273,555 USD
    11,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Camacari, Brazil Brazil

    Asking: R$ 11,000,000 BRL

  • Oceanfront mansion, Bahia coast, Brazil, Condominium Porto Busca Vida Resort, 6 suites, pool

    We offer for sale this beautiful mansion, facing the sea, in the Condomínio Porto Busca Vida Resort, in Busca Vida, the paradise of Estrada do Côco, on the north coast of Bahia! Located 8 km from the International Airport, next to a wide range of services and leisure. The property is built on a privileged land with 1,438 m², has 1,065 m² of built area, distributed over three floors and an external area: There are 6 suites, 3 rooms, toilet, home theater, balconies, elevator, split-type air conditioning in the suites and in the home theater, gym area, closed-channel TV antenna network and internet network, support room and underground garage for 7 vehicles, swimming pool by the sea with a 25-meter lane and support toilets, pantry, pantry, crockery, kitchen, gardens, in an area of 800.00 m². Distribution of environments: On the ground floor, entrance hall with elevator, living room with balcony, sound and TV, dining room with ...More Details

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