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    980,000 EUR

    Cottage in Brescia, Italy 

    Asking: € 980,000 EUR

  • The road is empty and the car meanders through the mountains and along the lake shore, overlooking the calm water, surrounded by fir trees and a few alpine villages scattered here and there. We are at the Casa d'Idro, in the municipality of Idro, on the western shore of the lake in a panoramic and sunny position. The oldest structure of the House dates back to the period between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. We are talking about the 15th century and we immediately notice the conformation of the building, with the ground floor and its portico, the typical stables, a series of storerooms and cellars, while on the first floor, as was customary in the past, we find the living quarters, barns and other rooms that once served the function of extra storage rooms, but which today could be rooms, communal spaces or other, depending on how one wants to re-imagine the distribution of space. Crowning the ancient f...

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