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    Apartment • 3 Beds • 2 Bath • 86 m2
    $ 289,606 USD
    1,500,000 BRL

    Ingleses-Beach, Brazil (Ingleses-Florianópolis-)

    Asking: R$ 1,500,000 BRL

  • Air Conditioning
    Central heating

    Sea view and 50 meters from the sea Ingleses Beach-Florianópolis-Brazil-new Penthouse with furniture and appliances 3 bedrooms being 1 suite. Recently finished building, porcelain floors, central gas, biometric lock, blinds in the bedrooms. Penthouse 301 with sea view, with 3 bedrooms, 1 suite, total 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, barbecue on the terrace, service area, covered garage for 2 cars, useful area: 86,35 m2 + uncovered area: 145,95m2 , total area: 233m2, value: R$ Reals....More Details
  • House • 2 Beds • 3 Bath • 80 m2
    $ 112,953 USD
    574,931 BRL

    Cachoeira Do Bom Jesus , Brazil (Cachoeira do Bom Jesus-Floripa)

    Asking: R$ 574,931 BRL

  • Furnished Duplex 2 suites Cachoeira do Bom Jesus-Florianópolis
    Semi-new high standard furnished house 2 suites 4 min from the sea in beach Cachoeira do Bom Jesus-Florianópolis-Brazil. Duplex house in road street, is located 4 minutes by car from the sea in Cachoeira do Bom Jesus. 2-story house, with 2 suites on the upper floor, being the master suite with a blindex glass balcony and over-measure furniture, on the lower floor there is a toilet in the living room, it has a total of 3 bathrooms with closets and blindex box, living room , kitchen with over-sized cabinets ,and dining room, porcelain tile floors, lowered plaster ceiling, and living room with decorated plaster wall, gourmet area in the backyard with laundry room and private barbecue, decorated garden, with useful area: 80m2, Land area, 130m2, walled, with electronic gate, with garage for 1 car, has external stone details on the side of the house, blindex double glazing mirror decoration on the side of the house, individual meters elec...More Details
  • Land • 6.361 m2
    $ 2,409,919 USD
    11,450,000 BRL

    Lauro de Freitas, Brazil (Rua Maria Isabel Dos Santos)

    Asking: R$ 11,450,000 BRL

  • Plot of Land in the city of Lauro de Freitas, Bahia, Brazil, serves for various activities. 6,361 m²
    Translated: Excellent land in Lauro de Freitas, next to Parque Shopping Bahia, flat, 6,361 m2, 4 kilometers from the International airport. The land can be used for various segments, commercial and residential. Region with high population density and with a very active commercial activity. BRL 11,450,000.00 - 08/02/22 Total Area: 6,361m2 Detailed location Rua Maria Isabel dos Santos. Neighborhood: Ipitanga City: Lauro de Freitas - BA;,...More Details
  • Finca • 306.000 ha
    $ 114,854,241 USD
    535,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Pilao Arcado, Brazil (Arcade Pestle, )

    Asking: R$ 535,000,000 BRL

  • Farm in Bahia, Brazil, 306,000 hectares on the banks of the São Francisco River
    Property in Bahia located in the municipality of Pilão Arcado with 306,000 hectares, it has 87 km of banks with the São Francisco River, it is 106 km from Petrolina International Airport, the region with the largest vegetable production in the country. It has pressure gauges for wind measurement, as it has a project for installing a Wind and Solar Park. Documentation 100% in order. Consult us....More Details
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    Land • 15.220.000 m
    $ 1,979,154 USD
    10,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Sao-Joao-De-Piabas, Brazil (Island in the state of Pará)

    Asking: R$ 10,000,000 BRL

  • Spectacular island off the coast of Pará, Brazil, facing the Atlantic Ocean, 1,522 hectares
    Itanarajá Island, facing the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of the state of Pará, Brazil. Located in the municipality of São João de Pirabas, approximately 220 km from Belém-Pará- Brazil, the island has about 1,522 hectares (15,220,000 m²) of a practically unexplored area with more than 9 km of beaches and with great fauna biodiversity and Amazonian flora. Due to its size, the island has several potential types: hotel/resort, fish farm, shrimp, oyster, agriculture and livestock, fishing, coconut plantation etc, lots of wind and lots of sun. In addition to the immense tourist potential, other sources of profitable use must be considered, as there is a great variety of Amazonian fruits (tapereba, muruci, mango, bacuri, cashew, coconut, cajá, etc.). You can find sources of fresh water, as well as it can be obtained through drilling, with an average of 12 meters for artesian wells. The fauna is quite diverse. You can find armadill...More Details
  • Land • 2034 m2
    $ 841,893 USD
    4,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Salvador, Brazil (Matatu)

    Asking: R$ 4,000,000 BRL

  • Translated: Reference Code: T-152 Commercial land on Rua Djalma Dutra, near Sete Portas, 2,034 m2, ideal for buildings, stores, shopping, market and others. Payment Method: We analyze proposal. IM associated brokers Floor area: 2034m2 Detailed Location Consult us! Neighborhood: Matatu City: Salvador - BA Detailed Location Consult us! Neighborhood: Matatu City: Salvador - BA;,...More Details
  • Land • 13 ha
    $ 29,560,630 USD
    150,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Cairu, Brazil (Beaches in , )

    Asking: R$ 150,000,000 BRL

  • Spectacular land in Bahia facing the sea, for different projects
    We have several spectacular areas in Bahia, facing the sea, for different projects such as: Hotels and Resorts, luxury condominiums, country houses, water parks, villas, country houses and others. These are areas of: 2.6 acre (,00) R$ ,00 2.8 acre (28,000 m²) R$ ,00 10 acre (100,000 m²) R$ ,00 12 acre (120,000 m²) R$ ,00 13 acre (130,000 m²) R$ ,00 22 acre (220.000 m²) R$ ,00 30 acre (300,000 m²) R$ ,00 38 acre (380,000 m²) R$ ,00 70 acre (700,000 m²) R$ ,00 120 acre ( m²) R$ ,00 177 acre (1,770,000 m²) R$ ,00 390 acre (3,900,000 m²) R$ ,00 480 acre (4,800,000 m²) R$ ,00 526 acre ( m²) R$ ,00 596 acre (5,960,000 m²) R$ ,00 1.716 acre ( m²) R$ ,00 Consult us:...More Details
  • House • 4 Beds • 6 Bath • 600 m2
    $ 868,816 USD
    4,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Avenida A)

    Asking: R$ 4,500,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool
    Air Conditioning

    Translated: Alto Padrão house with 4 suites, 600 m2 for sale in the Morada da Península condominium. Key to the advertisement: LCwbZwFVHEDsRbIk Features Pool Furnished Barbecue Gated community Backyard Gourmet space Air conditioning Garden Close to access roads Close to schools Multi-sport court Security circuit Sea view Close to public transport Cinema Jogging track Reception Lawn Sauna;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 4 Beds • 4 Bath • 399 m2
    $ 405,448 USD
    2,100,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Alameda Das Mangabas)

    Asking: R$ 2,100,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: Garden type apartment for sale in Jardim do Mar Condominium in Reserva do Paiva on the banks of Parque do Paiva and Praia. 399m2, 04 suites, 03 parking spaces. Internal State: As it was delivered by the construction company. About the condominium: Jardim do Mar makes the most of its privileged location, creating a harmonious whole that overlooks an invigorating view of Parque do Paiva and the welcoming beach with natural pools in front of it. With the landscaping signed by Benedito Abbud, the development integrates perfectly with the surrounding nature. Ad key: YRaMPILtFBSYTSlJ Features Pool Gated community Gym Gourmet space Playground Ballroom Close to access roads Close to schools Close to public transport Cinema;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 5 Beds • 5 Bath • 503 m2
    $ 1,254,957 USD
    6,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Rua Dos Sapotis)

    Asking: R$ 6,500,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: High Standard Apartment for sale in the Vila dos Corais condominium, 503 m2, 5 Suites, 5 parking spaces Internal Condition: Finely renovated, with wood-style porcelain tile floors, large kitchen, gourmet bar on the veranda, private pool. Ad key: 9WgVwcZ9GNo2Pp9U Features Pool Gated community Gym Playground Gourmet balcony Ballroom Close to access roads Close to schools Multi-sport court Tennis court Electric generator Close to public transportation Cinema Jogging track Games room Sauna;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 1 Bed • 1 Bath • 44 m2
    $ 151,151 USD
    782,880 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Recife, Brazil (Avenida Boa Viagem)

    Asking: R$ 782,880 BRL

  • Swimming Pool
    Air Conditioning

    Translated: The Vivant Residence is a restored building that invites us to experience new stories on Avenida Boa Viagem, with a touch of sophistication and modernity. GARDEN APARTMENT FROM 39m2 TO 86m2 EXECUTIVE APARTMENT FROM 28m2 TO 6 1m2 LIVING APARTMENT FROM 38m2 TO 77m2 Ad key: fMZ0dLeaD3437Qt9 Features Swimming pool Elevator Gated community Gym Air conditioning Close to access roads Close to schools Close to hospitals Close to shopping Internet connection Intercom Close to public transportation;,...More Details
  • House • 5 Beds • 8 Bath • 650 m2
    $ 771,316 USD
    3,995,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Avenida A)

    Asking: R$ 3,995,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: House for Sale in the Condominium Morada da Península in Reserva do Paiva, Cabo de Santo Agostinho 5 bedrooms, 5 suites, 8 bathrooms, 10 parking spaces, 650 m2 built. Key for the ad: 5Wt8vxN0Ed5IxkTv Features Pool Barbecue Gated community Close to access roads Close to schools Multi-sport court Close to public transport Cinema Jogging track Reception Sea view Sauna;,...More Details
  • House • 4 Beds • 4 Bath • 550 m2
    $ 1,253,026 USD
    6,490,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Ipojuca, Brazil (Porto De Galinhas)

    Asking: R$ 6,490,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    A casa à beira mar de Porto de Galinhas tem 550m2 de área construída, 1000m2 de terreno e 4 quartos. Sala para 03 ambientes, mobília, cozinha ampla e área de lazer com piscina. Agende já a sua visita! PMI Investimentos Características Piscina Mobiliado...More Details
  • Land • 425 m2
    $ 155,808 USD
    807,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Rua Dos Sapotis)

    Asking: R$ 807,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: Discover the Quintas da Praia condominium Exclusive condominium of lots, located on the best stretch of beach in Reserva do Paiva Lots with sizes varying from 420 to 678m2, with magnificent leisure facilities by the sea. Call and make your visit; @pmi.investimentos Features Green space / Park Electric generator Alarm system Security circuit Lawn Swimming pool for adults Massage room Reception Pay per use services Lookout Sea view;,...More Details
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    Apartment • 3 Beds • 3 Bath • 154 m2
    $ 382,880 USD
    1,983,107 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Avenida A - Paiva)

    Asking: R$ 1,983,107 BRL

  • Translated: Launching ESSENZA PAIVA - Announcement referring to unit 304 A of TORRE ANIMA. There are several plant options from 106.85m2 to 401.58m2, all with a high standard and views of the sea. Choose what suits you best with PMI Investimentos Imobiliários and enjoy the most complete leisure area in Paiva. Few units left, consult us to check the availability of plants. Attention: The price of this unit is subject to change without notice, as well as its availability. Forecast delivery: November 25, 2025. Key to the ad: tPpkJ8bk5LP7ZnWX Features Elevator Gated community Gym Pets accepted Playground Gourmet balcony Green space / Park Ballroom Close to access roads Close to schools Multi-sport court Tennis court Electric generator Intercom View to the sea Close to public transport Cinema Reception Games room Lawn Sauna;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 4 Beds • 5 Bath • 127 m2
    $ 283,813 USD
    1,470,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Rua Vitória Régia)

    Asking: R$ 1,470,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool
    Air Conditioning

    Translated: 127m2 furnished apartment in Condomínio Paradiso with 4 suites, 2 with dressing room. Planned furniture, protective screen. About the condominium:Viver no Paradiso is to have all the quality and innovation of the projects of Reserva do Paiva. Location, structure and an incomparable quality standard. Who chooses Paradiso chooses another life story Contact us: - Features Air conditioning Playground Children's pool Party room Games room Spa;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 4 Beds • 5 Bath • 181 m2
    $ 306,982 USD
    1,590,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Alameda Das Mangabas)

    Asking: R$ 1,590,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: Apartment with fixed furniture for sale Condominium Varanda do Parque. With 181m2, 04 suites, gourmet balcony, 3 parking spaces. Varanda do Parque is a condominium designed by Carlos Fernando Pontual and landscaped by Benedito Abbud. Together, these two architects created a perfect integration between the development and Parque do Paiva, which in turn connects harmoniously with the beach with natural pools. Talk to us: - Features Swimming pool Barbecue Playground Gourmet balcony Children's pool Party room Multi-sport court Cinema Sauna;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 4 Beds • 6 Bath • 212 m2
    $ 345,596 USD
    1,790,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Agostinho, Brazil (Alameda Das Mangabas)

    Asking: R$ 1,790,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: High standard condominium in the planned neighborhood, a few meters from Praia do Paiva, and the banks of Parque do Paiva. Safety, leisure and contact with nature you find here. Opportunity to buy in Opportunity to buy in Jardim do Mar Condominium - Reserva do Paiva Exclusive apartment with 212m2 - 04 suites, one master with dressing room and double bathroom, rooms with 04 rooms. Contact us: - Features Children's pool Playground Ballroom Spa;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 1 Bed • 2 Bath • 43 m2
    $ 110,050 USD
    570,000 BRL

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Figueiredo Magalhães 870 / 611. Copacabana)

    Asking: R$ 570,000 BRL

  • Translated: This is an unmissable opportunity in Copacabana, for those who want more privacy and comfort! A good apartment for couples or singles. The living room is very cozy and the kitchen is compact. The Sobral Sobral Condominium is close to the Siqueira Campos subway. You can take walks on the beach and enjoy the best of life. Copacabana is the right place for those looking for quality of life. There are dozens of bus lines and 3 subway stations. It is easy to find numerous high-end services. Despite the daily work, you can also go for walks and enjoy the happy and relaxed atmosphere. This is an apartment that is ready to move in! The unit has the documentation up to date and ready for you to buy safely and without risk. Count on the visit accompanied by consultants and brokers to help you find the apartment of your dreams! ... View more 43 m2 1 bedrooms) 1 suite(s) two bathroom(s) 0 vacancy(s) From BRL 570,000 BRL 13,256/m2; Used...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 3 Bath • 42a137 m2
    $ 146,359 USD
    758,058 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Dona Mariana 56. Botafogo)

    Asking: R$ 758,058 BRL

  • Translated: In front of the land, a historic mansion, which is part of the neighborhood's memory. Behind, a new building, with contemporary and rhythmic features. For those who love good architecture and for those looking for the practicality of living in a compact apartment, Era has a pleasant rooftop, which works as an extension of the apartments. A space to enjoy leisure time and practice sports. ... See more 42 to 137 m2 1 to 3 bedroom(s) 0 to 2 suite(s) 1 to 3 bathroom(s) 0 to 1 parking space(s) From R$ 673,928 R$ 16,134/m2 Internship: Under construction Released: 08/09/2021 Total units: 39 Units per floor: 6 Number of floors: 6 Updated: 08/10/2022;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 4 Bath • 68a149 m2
    $ 310,164 USD
    1,606,480 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Real Grandeza 96. Botafogo)

    Asking: R$ 1,606,480 BRL

  • Translated: Even's high-end enterprise that will win you over. The modern and exclusive design has the signature and striking style of the architect Afonso Kuernez. You Botafogo brings the balance between quality of life and sophistication, with a wide leisure area and the breathtaking view of Christ the Redeemer. 2 and 3 bedroom suites, penthouses and Garden apartments. ... See more 68 to 167 m2 2 to 3 bedroom(s) 1 to 3 suite(s) 2 to 4 bathroom(s) 1 to 2 parking space(s) From R$ 1,606,480 R$ 22,519/m2 Stage: Ready New Release: 06/01/2016 Total units: 132 Units per floor: 7 Number of floors: 10 Updated: 08/01/2022;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 2 Beds • 3 Bath • 82 m2
    $ 146,348 USD
    758,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Mário Agostinelli 50. Barra Da Tijuca)

    Asking: R$ 758,000 BRL

  • Translated: Excellent apartment with 82 m2 of private area well distributed, with 2 bedrooms, 1 suite, 2 bathrooms (including the suite), 1 parking space. Condominium with excellent leisure and security infrastructure. Surrounded by shops, close to the mall and transportation to the condominium. ... See more 82 m2 2 bedroom(s) 1 suite(s) 3 bathroom(s) 1 vacancy(s) From R$ 758,000 R$ 9,224/m2 Stage: Ready New Launch: 07/01/2014 Total of units: 244 Units per floor: 12 Number of floors: 13 Updated: 01/18/2023;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 1 Bed • 1 Bath • 26 m2
    $ 68,926 USD
    357,000 BRL

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Senador Vergueiro 203 / 824. Flamengo)

    Asking: R$ 357,000 BRL

  • Translated: Did you know that by buying this apartment you receive free services? Count on a complete real estate advisory for you to solve all the bureaucracy of documents and contracts and buy safely. You also have advice for your financing, we do the research and help you choose the best rates and conditions with the banks for you. Take the opportunity to visit this opportunity and schedule a visit. Just choose the best day and time, all 100% online, without complications. Visits to this property are allowed. ... See more 26 m2 1 bedroom(s) 0 suite(s) 1 bathroom(s) 0 parking spaces From R$ 450,000 R$ 17,308/m2 Used Stage: Used Units per floor: 16 Number of floors : 12 Updated: 08/16/2022;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 2 Bath • 56a70 m2
    $ 102,812 USD
    532,510 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Estrada Do Engenho D'Água 1451. Jacarepaguá)

    Asking: R$ 532,510 BRL

  • Translated: Live in a club. That's what your family will feel when they wake up every day here, with a large leisure area. UP Barra is the perfect union between comfort and fun, always prioritizing the safety and well-being of your entire family. 2 and 3 bedrooms with suite and complete leisure, in Jacarepaguá. An Even venture with Aqua certification. ... See more 55 to 70 m2 2 to 3 bedroom(s) 1 suite(s) 2 bathroom(s) 1 parking space(s) From R$ 557,050 R$ 10,221/m2 Stage: Pronto New Launch: 01/ 09/2014 Land area: 22,081 m2 Total units: 568 Units per floor: 12 Number of floors: 12 Updated: 08/17/2022;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 2 Beds • 1 Bath • 116 m2
    $ 237,283 USD
    1,229,000 BRL

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Fernando Osório 18 / 801. Flamengo)

    Asking: R$ 1,229,000 BRL

  • Translated: Noble and welcoming, Flamengo is a neighborhood that caters to all tastes and has excellent mobility. You can still enjoy a beach! Your home is your refuge and you deserve to have a complete place to live well. This elegant apartment has a spacious living room where you can arrange the furniture in the most comfortable way possible. There are 2 good sized bedrooms. The kitchen has a very interesting layout and integrates the service area with the bedroom and bathroom. Edificio Elfa Condominium is just a few minutes from the beach and also from the Flamengo subway station! You will find leisure options close to you, without giving up what makes your daily routine easier, such as public transport and easy access to important roads. The closest learning options are Talento Educação Infantil, Escola Municipal Anne Frank, FGV and Universidade Santa Úrsula. Flamengo is a primarily residential region known for Aterro do Flamengo, w...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 2 Bath • 148 m2
    $ 926,738 USD
    4,800,000 BRL

    Ate-113-Lado-impar-799-Ipanema-Rio-De-Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Prudente De Morais)

    Asking: R$ 4,800,000 BRL

  • Air Conditioning

    Translated: Apartment with 3 bedrooms for sale, 148 m2 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro/RJ. Ipanema - Quadra da praia - Luxurious and exquisite apartment in a privileged location. Comprising a balcony, large and refined lounge, with different environments, recessed lighting, tiled floors, split-type air conditioning, 3 spacious and quiet bedrooms (1 suite). Generous closets in all rooms, master suite bathroom decorated with noble materials, with 2 washbasins, guest bathroom, pantry and kitchen full of high quality built-in cabinets, service area, complete dependencies, 2 parking spaces. ... See more 148 m2 3 bedroom(s) 1 suite(s) 2 bathroom(s) 2 parking spaces From R$ 4,800,000 R$ 32,432/m2 Used Stage: Used Updated: 08/16 /2022;,...More Details
  • Commercial • 1 Bath • 27 m2
    $ 32,269 USD
    167,140 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Avenida Ayrton Senna 2600. Barra Da Tijuca)

    Asking: R$ 167,140 BRL

  • Translated: At Link Office Mall Stay you will find commercial rooms in the ready-to-use floor plan with private areas at the price you were looking for. In the plans of the commercial rooms for sale at Link Office Mall Stay, you will be able to check that they were very well planned and you can carry out the interior project according to your needs. ... More of floors: 4 Updated: 07/18/2022;,...More Details
  • Commercial • 1 Bath • 26 m2
    $ 28,960 USD
    150,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Avenida Maria Tereza 75. Campo Grande)

    Asking: R$ 150,000 BRL

  • Translated: Rooms and shops measuring 18m2 and 31m2 close to the Campo Grande Forum (ideal for lawyers and law firms), the Extra supermarket and the new AMIL emergency and outpatient center (ideal for doctors' offices). The Project covers all types of businesses due to its proximity to the Campo Grande boardwalk and the possibility of joining the rooms, covering large companies with a total of 600m2/Slab. ... See more 26 m2 1 bathroom(s) 0 vacancy(s) From R$150,000 R$5,882/m2 Stage: Ready New Release: 03/20/2012 Total units: 204 Units per floor: 34 Number of floors: 6 Updated on: 01/13/2023;,...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 3 Bath • 110 m2
    $ 199,249 USD
    1,032,000 BRL

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Barata Ribeiro 687 / 101. Copacabana)

    Asking: R$ 1,032,000 BRL

  • Translated: Have you ever imagined living in Copacabana? Now is your chance! Excellent apartment, facing the street, 600 meters from the beach! It has 3 bedrooms, 1 of which is a suite. There is a bathroom in the hallway of the intimate area. The living room is spacious and comfortably accommodates its environments. The kitchen is integrated into the service area with a service room and bathroom. The Tosca Building Condominium has an excellent location! Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas is full of outdoor leisure options. There is Parcão da Lagoa and Parque do Cantagalo, which are great for strolling, pedaling, cycling and enjoying the multi-sport courts. Copacabana beach has several gastronomic options on its shore, there is an extensive range of bike paths and excellent infrastructure for hiking and physical exercise. Copacabana is the most famous neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. It is easy to find numerous quality services. During the week, th...More Details
  • Apartment • 3 Beds • 1 Bath • 126 m2
    $ 220,100 USD
    1,140,000 BRL

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (Rua Barata Ribeiro 532 / 702. Copacabana)

    Asking: R$ 1,140,000 BRL

  • Translated: Are you looking for a place where you can live with safety, well-being and tranquility? In Copacabana all this is possible! You have 3 bedrooms and a living room with space available to create environments with all comfort. The kitchen has convenience for preparing food and organizing furniture. The service area has a bedroom and bathroom. Don't miss this opportunity in the best region of the city! The Davisar Building Condominium is located close to the best points of Copacabana. It is close to Copacabana Beach and has easy access to buses and the Siqueira Campos subway. Can you imagine taking a day off to go hiking and enjoy the view from the boardwalk? In this region you have multiple possibilities. Copacabana is the perfect place for you looking for quality of life. There are dozens of bus lines and 3 subway stations: Cantagalo, Siqueira Campos and Cardeal Arcoverde. It neighbors Leme, Botafogo, Ipanema and Leblon, ensur...More Details
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