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    Found 851 Rio De Janeiro properties for sale

    Apartment • 2 2
    $ 95,771 USD
    520,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

    Asking: R$ 520,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Translated: Apartment in Recreio dos Bandeirantes - Rio de Janeiro - Code 269 Property Service Area Kitchen Garage Balconies Common Areas Gym Gym Toy Room Barbecue Elevator Swimming Pool Playground 24-Hour Concierge Multi-Sports Court Party Room Sauna Proximities Mare Condominium Maui Pontal Ocânico Condominium;,...

  • Condo • 2 2 • 41a63 m2
    $ 59,618 USD
    323,700 BRL

    Condo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Rua Odorico Mendes 43. Cachambi )

    Asking: R$ 323,700 BRL

  • Translated: A complete venture with all the safety, comfort and leisure you deserve. 41 to 59 m2 1 to 2 bedroom(s) 0 to 1 suite(s) 1 to 2 bathroom(s) 1 parking space From R$ 269,900 R$ 6,513/m2 Stage: Ready New Launch: 11/01 /2013 Total units: 434 Units per floor: 12 Number of floors: 13 Updated: 10/07/2022;,...

  • Land • 6 • 123a365 m2
    $ 503,406 USD
    2,733,292 BRL

    Land in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Evandro Lins E Silva 335. Barra Da Tijuca )

    Asking: R$ 2,733,292 BRL

  • Translated: More than a well-being reserve, we present a magnificent oasis in the most noble address in Barra da Tijuca. An authentic refuge, located on a grand plot of land, with complete leisure for all ages, just a few minutes from the beach, Barra Shopping and the best life has to offer. ... View more 123 to 365 m2 3 to 4 bedroom(s) 3 to 4 suite(s) 4 to 6 bathroom(s) 2 to 3 vacancy(s) From R$0 (R$ 0/m2) Internship: Launch Release: 04/27/2024 Total units: 176 Units per floor: 8 Number of floors: 6 Updated on: 04/12/2024;,...

  • Apartment • 3 6 • 330 m2
    $ 1,381,134 USD
    7,499,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (22430-210 Leblon)

    Asking: R$ 7,499,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool
    Air Conditioning

    Penthouse in Leblon with 330 m2 and 3 bedrooms in prime location

    DetailsPenthouse Leblon: triplex apartment with 330 m2, completely renovated, 3 bedrooms, 2 suites, beach frontFacts about the Apartment:This upscale triplex cobertura (penthouse) is located at Rua Aristides Espinula 32, in the district of Leblon in Rio de Janeiro.The total living area is 330 m2, the apartment is fully renovated, originally with 4 bedrooms, however transformed into 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are suites, fully equipped with air conditioning in all rooms (including kitchen), planned joinery and reinforced doors (main and access to the terrace).1st Floor: Large L-shaped lounge with large windows overlooking the treetops, 3 bedrooms, 2 of which are suites with closets, 3 bathrooms, 3 toilets (lavabos) + 1 bathroom for the housemaid, toilet, large kitchen, full maid’s quarters and service area (circular floor plan);2nd Floor (access by linear stairs): Large lounge, with ample windows, TV room, office and toilet;Terrace (access b...
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    Condo • 2 1 • 44 m2
    $ 41,071 USD
    223,000 BRL

    Condo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Rua Aporuna 45. Santa Cruz )

    Asking: R$ 223,000 BRL

  • Apartamentos em condomínio fechado, com lazer entregue mobiliado e decorado. 44 m2 2 quarto(s) 0 suite(s) 1 banheiro(s) 0 vaga(s) A partir de R$ 223.000 (R$ 5.042/m2)...

  • Condo • 4 3 • 34a180 m2
    Price On Application

    Condo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Rua Alzira Brandão 456. Tijuca )

    Asking: Price On Application

  • Um empreendimento completo com toda segurança, conforto e lazer que você merece. 34 a 180 m2 1 a 4 quarto(s) 0 a 2 suite(s) 1 a 3 banheiro(s) 1 a 2 vaga(s) A partir de R$ 0 (R$ 0/m2)...

  • Apartment • 2 1 • 60 m2
    $ 180,492 USD
    980,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (22471-004 Lagoa)

    Asking: R$ 980,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Upscale Apartment with high renting potential in Lagoa, Rio de Janeiro

    DetailsApartment Lagoa: high renting potential apartment, 2 bedrooms, american kitchen, dedicated parking lotThis apartment, located in the prestigious district of Lagoa, has been completely renovated, with great ventilation and natural lighting, a total size of 60 m2, consisting of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, American kitchen with built-in stove and planned closet, balcony with free view and 1 parking lot.The building has a very good infrastructure, with concierge, 24-hour access control and bike rack.Furthermore there is a Playground with swimming pool, sauna, gym, party room, restaurant and garden.Condominium with laundry services, cleaning, internet and cable TV.Located in a stretch with easy access to the neighboring districts of Humaitá, Jardim Botânico, Centro and Botafogo.Great opportunity to purchase as residence or rental unit.Condominium Fee per month: 1,782 R$IPTU: 437 R$/monthThe apartment is located at Avenida Epitácio Pessoa ...
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  • Townhouse • 3 4 • 78a121 m2
    $ 149,315 USD
    810,720 BRL

    Townhouse in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Rua Ituverava 562. Freguesia Jacarepaguá )

    Asking: R$ 810,720 BRL

  • Translated: The icing on the cake, as the project became known, is located on the most calm and interesting street in the parish, Rua Ituverava. There will be 3 blocks in a total of 152 units. 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with 3 floor plans ranging from 60 to 77 M2. Duplex penthouses will have up to 4 spaces and sizes from 121 to 154 M2. ... See more 121 m2 2 bedroom(s) 1 suite(s) 4 bathroom(s) 3 parking space(s) From R$ 836,599 R$ 6,903/m2 Stage: Pronto New Release: 10/01/2014 Area of land: 4,589 m2 Total units: 152 Units per floor: 8 Number of floors: 9 Updated: 08/02/2022;,...

  • Apartment • 6 5 • 355 m2
    $ 1,197,142 USD
    6,500,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Lúcio Costa)

    Asking: R$ 6,500,000 BRL

  • Air Conditioning

    Translated: Summer Dream, 355m2, Sea View Penthouse, 4 bedrooms (2 rooms), RARITY, excellent seafront penthouse, unbeatable view, all with air conditioning and built-in closets, featuring on the 1st floor a large balcony with glass curtain, large living room in 3 rooms, toilet, linear staircase, 3 bedrooms including suites, bathroom social room, large kitchen-diner, laundry room and complete maid's quarters (suite); 2nd floor with large living room, in 3 environments, family room, toilet, 1 suite with closet, terrace with tiled pool, gourmet space, dry sauna, shower and stunning sea and lagoon views!!! Condominium with 24-hour security and complete infrastructure leisure area, with heated swimming pools, gym, spa with saunas, massage rooms, jacuzzi, male and female bathrooms, and rest space, games room, grocery store, air-conditioned barbecue space with pizza oven, two party rooms, gourmet lounge , playground, two blocks - Updated on: 0...

  • House • 180a290 m2
    $ 88,805 USD
    482,174 BRL

    House in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Rua Dumontina 905. Vargem Pequena )

    Asking: R$ 482,174 BRL

  • Translated: Residential land with the quality of life you always wanted to build the home of your dreams. In addition to a complete club with various leisure options. ... View more 180 to 290 m2 0 bedroom(s) 0 suite(s) 0 bathroom(s) 0 vacancy(s) From R$ 482,174 (R$ 2,679/m2);,...

  • Condo • 3 2 • 53a65 m2
    $ 58,648 USD
    318,434 BRL

    Condo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Via Projeta 5 Do Pa 12604. Barra Da Tijuca )

    Asking: R$ 318,434 BRL

  • Um novo olhar. Uma nova percepção. Um novo design. 53 a 65 m2 2 a 3 quarto(s) 1 suite(s) 2 banheiro(s) 1 vaga(s) A partir de R$ 318.434 (R$ 5.704/m2)...

  • Farmhouse • 10 10 • 450ha hectar
    $ 2,762,636 USD
    15,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Farmhouse in Barra do Pirai, Brazil 

    Asking: R$ 15,000,000 BRL

  • Air Conditioning

    Unique Historical Farm with 450 ha south of Rio de Janeiro

    DetailsHistorical Farm Rio: one of the oldest colonial properties with 450 ha, cinematic environment, background for films and series, with main villa, suitable for cattle breedingTraits and Features:On offer is a completely furnished and documented historical Farm, dating back to the 1840s. The farm was family property of several famous large estate owners, like the Visconde de Tocantins (the brother of the Duque de Caxias). Today it is considered as one of the most beautiful historical farms in the state.It is situated in the municipality of Barra do Piraí, in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro – an extremely safe and pleasant place.Also there exist 28 stables for animals, a corral, both for beef and dairy cattle, with electronic scale. Furthermore there is mineral water throughout the property, with several dams, lakes and reservoirs.Further Amenities:PastureTennis courtGames roomLeisure parkOfficeLibraryPoolsSaunasWhirlpoolAle...
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  • Condo • 3 2 • 52a60 m2
    $ 74,910 USD
    406,732 BRL

    Condo in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Salvador Allende 3296. Barra Da Tijuca )

    Asking: R$ 406,732 BRL

  • Translated: In perfect duet between the practicality of urban life and the tranquility of the surrounding nature, a new ideal destination emerges. Everything you need to live or invest well. ... See more 52 to 78 m2 2 to 3 bedroom(s) 1 suite(s) 2 bathroom(s) 1 parking space(s) From R$ 359,300 R$ 6,849/m2 Stage: Launch Launch: 08/15 /2022 Total units: 154 Units per floor: 12 Number of floors: 13 Updated: 08/25/2022;,...

  • Apartment • 5 3 • 400 m2
    $ 1,160,307 USD
    6,300,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Lúcio Costa)

    Asking: R$ 6,300,000 BRL

  • Translated: Atlântico Sul, 400m2, Frontal Sea, suitable for 3 bedroom suites, !Very high standard condominium. A beachfront resort, in a prime location on Av Lúcio Costa. Excellent apartment completely renovated and decorated by an architect, facing the sea and morning sun, featuring a large balcony with glass curtain integrated into the living room, large living room in various environments, dining room, home theater room, toilet, 3 bedrooms, all suites, being a master suite with closet, cabinets and balcony, large planned kitchen, pantry, large laundry room and complete maid's quarters. Condominium with 24-hour security and complete leisure infrastructure, exclusive executive transportation for condominium owners. - Updated on: 07/12/2024 - 13:53;,...

  • Apartment • 7 4 • 300 m2
    $ 534,109 USD
    2,900,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Prefeito Dulcídio Cardoso)

    Asking: R$ 2,900,000 BRL

  • Translated: Wonderful, Sea front, Penthouse 300m2, 4 suites, swimming pool, !Opportune business !!!Duplex penthouse, Sea Front and morning sun, featuring on the 1st floor a large 180º balcony with glass curtain, living room in two rooms with linear staircase accessing the 2nd floor, toilet, 3 suites, kitchen pantry with closets, laundry room and full maid's room; 2nd floor with home theater lounge, 1 suite with hydro bath, large terrace with tiled pool and deck, barbecue, guest bathroom and wonderful views of the sea, lagoon and Gávea stone. Wonderful, Sea front, Coverage 300m2, 4 suites, swimming pool , !Condominium with 24-hour security and complete leisure infrastructure with heated swimming pools, spa with dry and steam saunas, gym, coffee shop restaurant, barbecue area, playground, party rooms, games room, pilates,..... transportation (Van and ferry) to the subway and Barra Shopping included in the condominium price. - Updated on: ...

  • Hotel • 17 17
    $ 33,151,631 USD
    180,000,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Hotel in Buzios, Brazil  (28950-000 Búzios)

    Asking: R$ 180,000,000 BRL

  • Swimming Pool

    Hotel Atlântico in Búzios with 172 apartments

    DetailsHotel Atlântico Búzios: 172 apartments, beach location, complete infrastructure, 2000 m2 Convention CenterGeneral The Hotel Atlântico Búzios was founded in February 2004 by the two partners Bienvenido Maneiro and Luis Guedes, in a privileged location inPraia da Armação, Búzios/RJ, constituting a development with unique characteristics:• Total area of ??15.000 m2, on the seafront, with the possibility of expanding to a further 12.000 m2• 172 housing units (HUs), 33 suites (2 exclusive with hot tub or sauna), with 153 employees• Complete structure for conventions, with capacity for up to 1,800 peopleFurther Characteristics:– 5 rooms of 200m2 with modular partitions– 10 support rooms– 350 m2 of foyer– 318 m2 for external conventions– Ample Leisure structure– Large Adult Swimming Pool (1 million liters), Children’s Swimming Pool (10 thousand liters) and heated fitness pools (6 thousand liters)– 2 Bars– Restaurant with covered area f...
    More Details

  • House • 2 2 • 295 m2
    $ 46,044 USD
    250,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    House in Angra dos Reis, Brazil  (76 M² R$ 3.289,47/M²)

    Asking: R$ 250,000 BRL

  • Casa de 2 quartos, varanda e amplo quintal que pode ser utilizado para expansão e construção de garagem aberta ou coberta. Possui cozinha independente. Características do imóvel Acabamento Varanda Entrada lateral Cozinha Copa Área de serviço Piso frio Granito...

  • Apartment • 4 1 • 140 m2
    Price On Application

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Lúcio Costa)

    Asking: Price On Application

  • Translated: Acquabella, LEASE, sea view, 4 bedrooms, 2 suites, Barra waterfront, station 4! 9 9 3 5 1- 8 6 6 7 Acquabella, 140m2, Sea view, best column, 4 bedrooms including 2 suites, renovated and modern! All air-conditioned with split systems in the bedrooms and living room. 2 large balconies, large living room in 3 environments. 2 parking spaces, laundry and complete facilities. Condominium with 24-hour concierge and complete leisure infrastructure, with heated swimming pools, beautiful gym, spa with two saunas, rest room and showers, 3 luxury party rooms, coffee shop restaurant, barbecue area, tennis court, two poly courts sports, games room, playground,... - Updated on: 07/07/2024 - 11:31;,...

  • House • 2 2
    $ 138,132 USD
    750,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    House in Angra dos Reis, Brazil  (Balneário)

    Asking: R$ 750,000 BRL

  • Translated: House on a corner lot, in front of the garage of the company Viação Costa Verde, in Balneário, with great commercial appeal. Excellent location for kindergarten schools. Nurseries, Restaurants, Themed Bars, etc. The location of the property is privileged, being inserted in a neighborhood of great population density, quiet and safe, close to the variety of commerce, health center, municipal and private schools, municipal stadium with sports and physical activities in general, access roads and plenty of public transport. Although it has a residential nature, its location can also be used for commercial activities, especially being structured on a corner. The place is well ventilated, with no barriers to direct sunlight throughout the day. Great business opportunity, with the possibility of financing. CAN BE FINANCED BY ANY FINANCIAL INSTITUTION! * DOCUMENTATION IN ORDER - RGI * * WE STUDY PROPOSALS * EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY !! P...

  • Apartment • 5 4 • 260 m2
    $ 1,436,571 USD
    7,800,000 BRL

      Exact Location Not Provided

    Apartment in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (Avenida Lúcio Costa)

    Asking: R$ 7,800,000 BRL

  • Translated: Costa del Sol, Frontal Mar, 260m2, Sol Manhã, Stunning view, 06Wonderful apartment, enter and live in, fully air-conditioned, featuring a large balcony with glass curtain, large living room in various environments, toilet, 4 large bedrooms, two of which are suites ( larger double suite facing the sea), wardrobe, guest bathroom that serves the two bedrooms, large kitchen-diner, pantry, large laundry room, complete maid's quarters and three garage spaces in the basement. Condominium with 24-hour security and complete leisure infrastructure! - Updated on: 07/07/2024 - 11:31;,...

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