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Latest News
Wednesday, May, 2013
Spain looks to Holiday Rentals for Revenue - Holprop News
As tourist numbers have dropped and Holiday rental prices fall, Spain want?s to squeeze revenue from Spanish holiday lets. Legislation is being put in place to ...
Monday, November, 2012
Spain Plans To Offer Residency Papers With Every Home Over 160k!
A new plan was disclosed today by the Spanish Trade Ministry Secretary, Jaime Garcia-Legaz. Aimed at helping the stagnated property market, the plan is to offer...
Monday, January, 2013
US Housing Market Showing Strong Signs of Recovery. - News
After the sub-prime catastrophic meltdown became a household name (no pun intended!), the USA housing market is seeing a gradual sign of recovery. It's all ...
Tuesday, September, 2012
5 Fantastic Ways of Finding a Buyer for Your Overseas Property in Quick Time
Investment in the real estate market overseas used to be an exclusive preserve for the wealthy and affluent. However, savvy everyday people have leveraged on t...
Thursday, April, 2011
Thailand - A Modern Day Shangri La
Located at the center of South Asia, Thailand is often known as ?the land of smiles? and ?the golden land?, the first due to the infectious warmth of the local ...
Monday, March, 2010
Thailand Signals Expectations of Better Real Estate Times
Real estate worldwide has suffered in the last three to four years, a cascading effect from mortgage and real estate woes in the U.S. While every country has e...
Thursday, June, 2011
Australia - A Country That Has It All
Australia is without doubt one of the most sought after tickets for those looking to relocate and improve their quality of life. A large country with a land mas...
Tuesday, May, 2010
A Different Kind of Real Estate Crisis in Australia
The big story in most countries around the world is how they?re beginning to see daylight at the end of the tunnel in their real estate markets. Following the ...
Tuesday, October, 2010
Brazil, who wouldn?t want to own a slice of it?
Brazil, a truly vibrant culture from the dancing to the stunning beaches, to the hypnotic rhythms and gregarious living. Some would say Brazil is filled with t...
Monday, May, 2010
Brazil?s Real Estate Development Changing Location Focus
It?s hard to argue with the popularity of southeastern hubs for Brazil?s development, long focused on Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Due to this popularity, com...
Thursday, June, 2011
South Africa - The Jewel of Africa - News
No other country has been more central to the changing tides of modern history than South Africa since apartheid ended back in the early 90s. It now feels incre...
Monday, February, 2010
South Africa - Two Views of the Real Estate Market
"The Economist" magazine recently named the South Africa real estate market as the world's best-performing housing market in the longer term. The magazine main...
Wednesday, February, 2012
Bermuda House Sales Stagnate As Prices Fall, But Help May Be On The Horizon
Property prices in Bermuda dropped dramatically in 2011,with many properties on the Island now taking as long as a year or longer to sell. Condos in the under $...
Friday, August, 2011
The Caribbean - A Sun Drenched Palm Filled Paradise News
When we think of paradise, the first place that still comes to mind is the Caribbean. A region made of more than 7,000 islands, islets, reefs and surrounding co...
Wednesday, December, 2010
Turkish Real Estate Market Poised for Growth
Long summers, stunning, sun-drenched beaches on the Aegean-Mediterranean coast, championship golf courses and Istanbul?s medieval grandeur and contemporary glos...

Timing Turkey Real Estate Investments Based on Reciprocity
Turkey?s land registry law stipulates that a foreign person may buy real property in Turkey only if a citizen of Turkey has the reciprocal right to do so in the...
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